Innovative Frontiers in Operative Science and Technology

Executive and Leadership Development in AI

Target audience: Senior leadership / C-suite level

Maximum participants: 20

3-hour version (one day)

  • About Greg Baker, his research, expertise, and areas of ignorance
  • AI's current and future impact on jobs (5-year horizon)
  • AI in 2029: Predictions and projections
  • Strategic decision-making for technology (Wardley mapping and two types of strategy)
  • Evaluating and working with AI vendors: Warning signs of under-delivery and over-promising
  • Choice of: "How to evaluate experiments in-house quickly" or "How to see the future and quantify it"

6-hour version topics (two days):

All of the 3-hour version topics, plus:
  • Baumol's cost disease and baked-in 25% salary rises for some industries
  • Implications of the prompt-engineering vs fine-tuning debate ($20 trillion at stake)
  • Choice of: "How to prompt engineer" or "Alternative principles of AI ethics"
  • Exploring the AI zoo: Strengths of ChatGPT, Microsoft Copilot, Anthropic, Gemini, Llama and Mixtral
  • AI's limitations and shortcomings
  • Recent advancements in speech, listening, and translation (last 18 months)
  • Agentic AI, asynchronous bots, custom bots, tool calling, retrieval augmented generation, synchronous interaction (demos, vendor discussions, resources)
  • Governance frameworks, capabilties and processes needed for decentralised AI adoption
  • Identifying opportunities in your organization (impromptu deep dive on implementation, vendors, pitfalls, etc.)
  • Implications for management

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Organisational AI Enablement

Introduction to Generative AI

Target audience: Team leads and individual contributors

Topics covered (1 hour)

  • Where GenAI helps
  • Problems
  • Capabilities: create, summarise, inspire, critique, educate, role-play, automate, translate, analyse, watch
  • Speech and vision
  • Managing and empowering staff to use AI

Prompt Engineering

Target audience: Team leads and individual contributors

Topics covered (1 hour)

  • How GenAI systems are trained
  • An intuition on how prompting works
  • What is temperature, and what does it do
  • Giving instructions versus assuming a role
  • 7 different levels of expertise
  • Problems: arithmetic, hallucination, thinking ahead, prompt injection
  • Markdown, templates, registers and other magic tricks that do work
  • Alignment, the refresh cycle, and why most other tricks don't work
  • Getting around refusal
  • How to get good at prompting

Ethics of AI

Target audience: Staff in governments and non-profits concerned with AI's impact on diverse communities.

Topics covered (1 hour)

  • Accountability and responsibility
  • Transparency and explainability
  • Data privacy
  • RLHF and where GenAI gets its moral sense from
  • Prompting for fairness reading
  • Environmental impact
  • Hallucinations and explanations
  • Issues when working in other languages
  • Ethics of AI from different religions and perspectives

These courses are mostly tuned for users of OpenAI ChatGPT and Microsoft Copilot. Versions for Gemini, Anthropic Claude, and local-run models are in development.

For questions or inquiries, please email [email protected].

Software Developer Upskilling in AI

Minimum Viable Software Developer for Text and Language

Target audience: Software developers (any level)

Topics covered (20 hours):

  • Calling ChatGPT and Anthropic APIs
  • Tool calling
  • Retrieval augmented generation (RAG)
  • Building information retrieval systems
  • Handling different languages and scripts
  • Generating audio with ElevenLabs
  • Integrating Twilio for telephone bots

On-prem, On-device, On-budget

Target audience: Software developers with experience in OpenAI/Anthropic/Gemini APIs

Topics covered (20 hours):

  • Common tasks in text and voice
  • Using and running pre-existing models
  • Fine-tuning existing models
  • Model compression techniques
  • Design principles for language applications

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